orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Dual blade pruning machines

Essential to ensure balanced growth and a better harvest.

The management of the foliage is one of the most important steps for proper maintenance and harvesting performance in a vineyard. Precisely with this goal we have created a range of double blade trimmers complete to meet the demands of all our customers.


Robust fixed and mobile column structures with self-leveling system (CM versions);

• Set of PVC and STEEL swabs to ensure stability to the entire machine during work;

DOUBLE BLADE cutting bars with PVC guides to give more strength to the teeth during cutting;

• Eccentric cutting device complete with bearings to meet shocks and vibrations during the work of the machine;

• Damped vertical and horizontal cutting bars with "Anti-shock" protection;

• Quick bracket to the tractor thanks to our characteristic "V overturned" connection, which gives stability to the machine at work;

• Hydraulic system that requires minimum oil flow rates for proper operation;

• Electro-hydraulic systems WITHOUT the need for external locking valves in order to reduce bottlenecks and/or overheating at the hydraulic plant.