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Hydraulic Elevators

We have a series of hydraulic elevators for loading and unloading or transport of the crop with vertical risers in duplex or triplex version to different load capacities depending on demand. The last to join the family of the Orizzonti lifts is the m

Transport and loading/unloading are among the most important stages at the end of a harvest season in vineyards and orchards.

Precisely for this reason, Orizzonti has designed and offers a range of hydraulic elevators to perform these operations in the best possible way. In DUPLEX/ TRIPLEX version with rear or front mounting to the tractor, the range of Orizzonti forklifts, meets all the needs of its customers.

Possibility to set up the whole range with different accessories: pallet/bins strings, independent control units, stainless steel grape tanks, joystick and much more.

In this section you will find the ideal solution to your requests!