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Interrow hoers

One of the most complete ranges on the market, make Orizzonti the leader in the field of design of inter row machines. Years of study and comparison with our customers has allowed us today to offer more than 15 different models with more than 80 hydraulic configurations available.


• Various modes of connection to the tractors: rear / front / ventral;

• Over 40 working tools available on the same model of inter-row thanks to a quick and fast system of interchangeability of accessories;

• Hydraulic sensor with manual or hydraulic DOUBLE EFFECT which guarantees strength and robustness to the tool during work even in difficult soil;

• Inter-row head designed with anti-wear devices and bearings to support all elements in rotation or effort during work;

• Sturdy frames with special adjustable PVC pads for vibration control during work;

• Moved by hydraulic system of the tractor or independent, adapt inside the frame of the inter-row (ideal on reversible tractors).