orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Knife pruning machines

Essential to ensure balanced growth and a better harvest.

The knive trimmers are made of knives with a particular “boomerang” shape and a D.41 cm cutting diameter, they enable precise trimming of the vines with higher working speeds compared to the double blade trimmers. The entire range of knive trimmers provides solutions with vertical bars and horizontal bars with a varied number of cutting elements according to requirements. The reliability of the bars is guaranteed by a system of self-pulling belts and pulleys protected by an external structure which can be removed quickly and easily for inspection.

Another cornerstone of our range of trimmers is represented by hydraulic systems with levers and electro-hydraulic systems with joysticks that allow complete management of the machine during cutting operations providing total safety and control. Through special regulators it is possible to vary the speed of the cutting blades.

The range of trimmers consists of single or double solutions. The latter ensure considerable savings in time and processing costs.