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Knife pruning machines

Essential to ensure balanced growth and a better harvest.

Selection of Knife Pruners

Selection of Knife Trimmers

The choice of a knife trimmer should be based on important constructive features. For this reason, the Orizzonti range is designed to meet the demands of even the most demanding customers.


  • Robust structures with fixed and mobile columns and self-leveling system (CM versions);
  • Series of PVC and STEEL buffers to ensure stability to the entire machine during operation;
  • Cutting bars with BOOMERANG KNIVES and self-tensioning belts that ensure cutting stability;
  • Transmission with aluminum pulleys with grooves for belt seats;
  • Toothed belts designed to eliminate possible slippage of the knife during cutting;
  • Cutting bars with motors complete with double bearing supports;
  • Vertical and horizontal cushioned cutting bars with “Anti-shock” protection;
  • Quick attachment to the tractor thanks to our characteristic “inverted V” hitch, which provides stability to the machine in operation;
  • Electro-hydraulic systems WITHOUT the need for external block valves, thus reducing throttling and/or overheating of the system.