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Pruning machine CFT/300

Product code 103211L

Fixed dual bladed pruning machine complete with upper topping

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The CFT 300 Orizzonti fixed column dual-bladed pruning machine, mounted in the front of the tractor is fitted with a vertical dual-bladed mowing bar and an upper dual-bladed mowing bar, topping.

This model of machine is an excellent solution for medium- to large-sized mainly flat vineyards thanks to its sturdy fixed column that supports the two mowing bars.
A number of special features of the CFT 300 are highlighted for example in the upper "topping" bar, where an anti- impact system is found, guaranteed by a particular spring, which allows the mowing bar to fall whenever it encounters an obstacle during the cutting work, and also tilt of the same from 0 to 90° to be used in the vicinity of cement poles or similar.

In the vertical mowing bar is installed a gas absorber to ensure greater flexibility to shocks and depressions that may be present in the area to be pruned.
The hydraulic system with 4 functions, fitted as standard on the CFT 300 Orizzonti pruning machine allows all the movements of the structure and of the two bars, necessary for good management of the foliage. 

The hydraulic system can be replaced upon request by an efficient electro-hydraulic system with 4 functions, managed by a joystick manipulator that enables rapid performance of all the movements that the machine can make.

The electro-hydraulic solution becomes mandatory when working with a tractor cab.
Machines that require power of 180 bar with 20 litres oil/min.; compatible with tractors of 40 hp/25kw.
  • Cushioned dual-bladed mowing bar, useful cut 2.00 m
  • Cushioned dual-bladed top bar, useful cut 1.00 m
  • Hydraulic distributor with 5 functions with speed regulator
  • Four hydraulic movements: lift, bar tilt, bar top tilt 90°, hydraulic side extension
  • Fixed counter plate for quick coupling to the tractor
  • Complete with hydraulic pipes with quick couplings
  • Set-aside tripod