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Pruning machine ECO/200

Product code 103223L

Economic fixed dual blade pruning machine without upper topping

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The ECO 200 Orizzonti dual-bladed fixed column pruning machine, mounted on the front of the tractor, together with the model ECO 400 is the range of machines characterised by structural simplicity and use that should not alter the characteristics of reliability and safety that makes the Orizzonti machines leader in their sector.

The ECO 200 pruning machine is fitted with single dual-bladed vertical mowing bar with a length of 200 cm with a movement of the structure that is completely mechanical, except for raising of the supporting column that remains hydraulic.
The mowing bar, as all those mounted on the Orizzonti machines, have a gas shock absorber to reduce the stresses on the same bar during work.
The strength of the column enables optimal work in purely flat vineyards.

The main characteristic of the ECO 200 (as for the ECO 400) is the possibility of custom setting of the machine for each of our customers, from the number of bars that can be mounted, only vertical (160 or 200 cm), vertical and horizontal, and with the "ad hoc" system for the various movements of the structure (hydraulic or electro-hydraulic), managed or with simple levers, or via a joystick manipulator (required if the machine is installed on tractor cabs) 

Requires 180 bar and 20 litres oil/min.
Compatible for tractors of 40 hp/25 kW.
  • A cushioned dual-bladed vertical bar length L = 200 cm
  • Hydraulic motion: lift fixed column with speed regulator, control, quick coupling pipes
  • Mechanical movements: tilt bar, side extension
  • Counter plate for quick coupling to the tractor
  • Set-aside tripod