orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Used agricultural machinery

Orizzonti s.r.l. designs and manufactures agricultural machinery and equipment for vineyards and orchards.

Exchange of used agricultural machinery

Orizzonti s.r.l. agricultural machinery, in collaboration with its retailers, is interested in evaluating a trade of old vineyard machines used by the customer, in favor of the purchase of our new equipment. We are able to study a favorable treatment to facilitate the transition from obsolete vineyard equipment to new equipment that allow for significantly better performance.
We deal with used equipment for vineyards used by customers who renew the fleet and ask us to take over the old running equipment to receive a discount on the new one. We are also intersected by those who wish to buy these used equipment, although we do not encourage this market.

Vineyard equipment used

Sometimes we have the demo units we used for field trials or demonstrations from some customer. These equipment of our production are almost new, but have been used by our staff for fairs and exhibitions. You can find great opportunities for used mulchers, used mower, used giroram, or used mulchers, but virtually "zero miles". Many farmers know that the best purchases are just on the field tests, where the interveners can pick up the best prices on the equipment used in the vineyard during the day of testing.

If you are interested in these used farm equipment: used rowing machine for used vineyard, used trinciasarmenti, used interlining discs, used spooler, used interceptor, used interlining or vineyard scaler, this is the right start point.

Used agricultural machinery list