orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Interrow head and cultivator

Compact interrow head, cultivator and subsoiler

After the great progress and developments achieved on our wide range of inter-row machines, we decided to undertake and develop new solutions for the complete machining of the rows of vineyards and orchards with our new products, “TCL”, “SHARK” and “WINE”.
The new compact inter row groupTCL” is designed to provide a further simple and effective solution to all those who require the foot processes of the vineyards and orchards plants with minimum use of a weeding blade, available in different lengths: 30-50-70 cm. “TCL” can be applied ventrally between the wheels of the tractor or other equipment such as farmers.
The latter enriches the range of Orizzonti: “SHARK” the new cultivator with spring anchors in version 5, 7, 9 working anchors and extendable rear roller guarantees the complete processing of the center of the row of vines or fruit orchards.
The aerator mod. “WINE”, thanks to 2 adjustable working anchors, ensures the movement of the soil near the rows of vines, making it possible to grant it with all the nutrients needed for proper growth and development.