orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Pre-pruning machines for vineyards

Winter processing in the rows

Mechanized Pre-Pruning

Mechanized Pre-Pruning

Mechanized pre-pruning is at the foundation of good and healthy vineyard management and represents the pivotal point for the growth and development of a solid and well-structured leaf wall, ensuring faster processing times compared to traditional manual operations.

Our Range of Pre-Pruners

Depending on the type of planting layout, our line of pre-pruners offers various processing solutions, both for spurred cordon, free cordon, and GDC systems, thanks to our PFD and PMD VARIO, and CPF60 models.

Available Models

  • Models available both with rotating disc solution and single-blade mowing blades.
  • The PFD and PMD versions allow the use of a unique working frame with interchangeable working heads also suitable for other operations during the plant season.
  • The CPF version, equipped with a mowing bar and motorized shredder system, is specifically designed for pre-pruning.