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Tunnel trimmer CMU/500

Product code 103400L

Tunnel dual-bladed pruning machine

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The CMU 500 Orizzonti fixed column dual-bladed tunnel, mounted on the front of the tractor, is undoubtedly the solution as the ideal machine for large expanses of vineyard to minimise the work times.

Arranged with 2 vertical dual-bladed upper mowing bars, topping, ensures complete treatment of foliage in all its different functions.

Reliable and sturdy the CMU 500 pruning machine requires 180 bar and 22 litres oil/min; compatible for tractors of 60 hp/40 kW.
  • Two cushioned dual-bladed vertical bars, useful cut 2.00 m
  • A cushioned dual-bladed TOP bar, useful cut 1.00 m
  • Hydraulic distributor 5 functions with speed regulator
  • Plate quick coupling to the tractor / counter plate fixed to the tractor for quick coupling
  • 4 hydraulic movements: lift, tunnel tilt, tunnel opening extension, mechanical and hydraulic side extension
  • Quick couplings hydraulic pipes
  • Set-aside tripod