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Pruning machine CMT/300

Product code 103311L

Dual-bladed mobile pruning machine complete with upper topping

 Mobile dual-bladed pruning machine with upper topping

Mobile dual-bladed pruning machine with upper topping

 Mobile dual-bladed pruning machine with upper topping
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Possibility of rotating the vertical bar
Possibility of rotating the vertical bar
 CMT/300 at work
The CMT 300 Orizzonti mobile column dual-bladed pruning machine mounted to the front of the tractor is fitted with a dual-bladed vertical mowing bar and an upper dual-bladed mowing bar, topping.

The main characteristics of the entire range of the Orizzonti mobile pruning machines are the two systems of self-levelling of the vertical mowing bar and rotation of the same of up to 180°.
The first is necessary for maintenance of the bar in a vertical cutting position also during the phases of movement of the supporting structure, the second instead is of fundamental importance when treating the foliage of particular vine systems such as the pergola type.
It. can also be used for different types of machining operations such as the maintenance of hedge foliage, in addition to traditional espalier support system.

All these measures developed by the company Orizzonti contribute a guarantee to their production of mobile pruning machines and therefore also to the CMT 300, unlike the fixed column solutions, of a greater visibility of work during the phase cutting by the operator.
The CMT 300 standard pruning machine is available in a hydraulic system with 5 functions, including management of the mower bar motors (on/off motors); upon request an electro-hydraulic system, again with 5 functions, can be installed, where management of movements of the machine takes place through a simple joystick manipulator which facilitates and speeds up the various phases of movement.

Requires 180 bar pressure and 20 litres/oil min; compatible with tractors of 50hp/33 kW.
  • Cushioned dual-bladed mowing bar, useful cut 2.00 m
  • Hydraulic distributor with 5 functions with speed regulator
  • Four hydraulic movements: lift, tilt bar, hydraulic side extension, topping bar tilt
  • Counter plate for attachment to the tractor
  • Complete with hydraulic pipes with quick couplings
  • Set-aside tripod