orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Pruners for orchards

Pruner machines for orchards branches with diameter up 4 cm.

Pre pruner machines with vertical and horizontal bars for more varieties of orhcards branches like apple, pear, peach and more over, to guarantee a good growers of yours orchards fields and try to reduce the harvest operation during the season.
Orizzonti decided to invest new resources in the development and design of viable solutions to facilitate the processing of plants and orchards of our customers.
Thanks to the FRUIT series pruners we can manage the pruning of the branches of fruit trees with diameters of up to 4 mm on espalier plantations such as: peach trees, apple trees, cherry orchards, citrus groves, hazelnut groves and many others.

The cutting system is guaranteed by vertical bars with lengths of 250 cm. or 300 cm. with a single-blade tooth “SCH” system and blade tensioner ensuring high strength and precision during the cutting phase.You can also install horizontal bars for cutting the upper part of the plantation with mechanical or hydraulic return versions. The upper bar can be tilted up to 270 ° ensuring a greater cutting height and greater compactness during travel.

The FRUIT pruner can be managed through special hydraulic distributors with levers or electro hydraulic distributors with joystick; it is possible at any time to vary the blade cutting speed depending on the diameter of the plantation.