orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Pruning rakes

How to avoid compaction of the soil The Orizzonti pruning rakes are machines that are fitted on the front of a tractor, with various accessories, offering the possibility of being able to fit on the rear another type of machine to perform two operations in a single action; for example, if the pruning rake is fitted to the front, it is possible to fit a shoot remover, a pruning machine or a cutter on the rear.

This versatility has a considerable advantage when considering that the main cause of the deterioration of vineyards is the compaction of the soil; in fact, the land, becoming compacted, reduces microbiological fertility and root absorption.

By reducing treading, as a consequence, compaction is also reduced, the economic aspect should also not be underestimated: working two tools simultaneously doubles productivity and slashes consumption!