orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti


Turfing is a technique that has been practised for a very long time, especially in areas of high rainfall as it is extremely useful for the control of erosion of cultures on slopes.

Nowadays this is also largely carried out in other environments to respond to the objectives of plant strength control, soil conservation, cost effectiveness and quantity of productions while respecting the environment.

Positive effects of turfing:
  • it limits water run-off and shifting of the soil
  • it enriches soil with organic substance also indirectly promoting its structure and porosity
  • it improves capacity, thus facilitating accessibility of the mechanical vehicles throughout the year and significantly reducing compaction of the soil
  • it contains the damage from radical asphyxiation
  • it reactivates the microflora and microfauna of the soil
  • it allows control of the development of weeds
  • it controls the strength of the plant naturally and rationally
  • medium term effect on the nutrient conditions of the soil
  • it respects the environment
  • more economical (3/4 yearly interventions)
The arboretum should be left to spontaneous grass cover during the rainy season, after which shredding of the vegetation will take place in order to ensure the plant is provided with the nutrients it requires. With the Orizzonti cutters it is possible to constantly keep the turf of the orchard or vineyard in order, thus containing the costs of irrigation, preserving the land and increasing its productivity through the exploitation of absorbing surface roots.