orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Useful and functional

Pruning of the vineyard is the technique that most influences the quality and quality of the grapes produced.

For this reason Orizzonti has developed a number of pre-pruners which respect 100% the nature of the plant simply providing support while ensuring more balanced growth.

Dry pruning, which is performed during the winter period, when the plant is bare, results in proportioning the number of buds on the basis of the productive potential of the vine with shortening cuts and selection of the shoots.
Green pruning, performed when the plant is lush and full of leaves, during the spring and summer period, ensures development of the parts that constitute the productive structure of the plant. The operation includes all the operations to remove the buds, shoots and leaves carried out during the vegetative phase and is also carried out several times with the following objectives:
  • to stimulate the growth of the parts that will form the permanent structure of the vine
  • to maintain the shape and size of the foliage within the space limitations able to facilitate execution of the various cultivation operations
  • to condition the micro climate of the foliage in such a way as to promote ripening of the bunches of grapes and to ensure conditions that are less favourable to pathogenic attack.
  • in certain cases, to change the vegetative habitus of foliage in order to pursue other goals

It is however also important to combine mechanical pre-pruning with a phase of manual pruning in order to provide the vineyard with a balanced development as well as duration over time.