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Pruning machine CFU/500

Product code 103231L

Single trimmer with hydraulic tunnel

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The CFU/500 trimmer has a fixed column complete with tunnel cutting bars, 2 cushioned L.200 cm. double bladed bars and a cushioned upper double bladed L.100 cm. topping bar.
A hydraulic distributor with 5 levers (4 + on/off motors) supplied as standard for: side extension; vertical lift; tunnel tilt; hydraulic opening of the tunnel and on/off motors.

From the distributor you can regulate the speed of the cutting blades and the various movements of the trimmer.
Standard parking tripod, requiring 1 pair of hydraulic tractor connectors with 25 lt/min and 180 bar/max. of pressure.

  • Side extension and hydraulic tunnel tilt
  • Hydraulic vertical lift piston
  • Vertical bar mechanical regulation
  • Topping return emergency spring and mechanical 90° rotation
  • COil supply and return quick couplings