orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Biodynamic and/or biological agriculture

In the context of the various techniques for the management of weeds in viticulture and horticulture, the mechanical working of the inter-row soil is an important operational tool.


The aims of mechanical tasks are essentially:

  • weed control
  • organic farming that considers the entire agricultural ecosystem, exploits the natural fertility of the soil with limited interventions, promotes the biodiversity of the environment for those that work, minimise or exclude the use of synthetic products
  • the incorporation into soil of fertilisers and any organic substances
  • aeration and decomposition of the soil
  • preparation of the land for better use of rain water

The procedures employed and the number of interventions vary in relation to different factors such as:
  • the chemical and physical features of the soil
  • the layout (hill or plain)
  • the amount and distribution of rainfall
  • the composition of the weed flora 

The Orizzonti inter-row hoers provide excellent treatment of the soil without damaging the ecosystem that is created between the rows; this helps to minimise any invasive interventions that may be necessary ensuring however to the plant a level of health that is required to be productive.

Biodynamic agriculture is precisely based on these principles: keeping the land fertile, ensuring good health for plants and increasing the quality of the products.