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Pruning machine ECO 400

Product code 103222L

Economic dual fixed pruning machine without top

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The ECO 400 Orizzonti double trimmer with fixed column, mounted in front of the tractor, is part of an entry level machine range that, in its simplicity of structure, guarantees excellent working performance and reliability.

The ECO 400 predisposes 2 vertical mower bars of L = 160 cm both bilama complete with anti-impact system with gas shock absorbers that compensate for any impact of the bars during processing.

The concept of simplicity is highlighted in the conformation of the ECO 400, which has as standard only a hydraulic movement in the lift of the machine’s load-bearing column, instead managing all other movements mechanically.

Reliable and robust, the ECO 400 is certainly an excellent solution for medium-large, mostly flat vineyards.

As pointed out for the ECO 200 model, the ECO 400 topping machine also has as its main feature the possibility of setting up the "ad hoc" machine for each of our customers.

The choice can fall on the type of bars to be mounted, of lengths 160-200 cm for the vertical and 100 cm for the topping, but especially for the system of plant for the handling of all the movements of the machine.

The simplest system certainly falls on a type of hydraulic system, moved by levers installed on any type of tractor, up to the installation of an electrohydraulic system with handling via joystick manipulator, which will become mandatory if we are working with tractor cabins.

It requires 180 bar and 20 lt. of oil/min; compatible for 40 hp/25 kW tractors.
  • Two cushioned dual-bladed vertical bars L = 160 cm
  • Hydraulic motion: lift fixed column with speed regulator, control, quick coupling pipes
  • Two mechanical movements: bar tilt, side extension
  • Counter plate for quick coupling to the tractor
  • Set-aside tripod