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DM mower disc

Product code 1U3596

Mower disc with spring swing device

The mechanical system DM applied to the shredders, allows thanks to the aid of a spring, mowing grass without the use of hydraulic tracers but but directly via the contact of the disc itself on the plant without damaging.

It represents the simplest solution of the systems produced for mowing grass in the inter-row. Applicable on version VIP, STAR and POWER.

Available with disc Ø 45, Ø 60, Ø 80, Ø 100 cm. two knives and levelling disc. Water connections with quick connection to the tractor, requires 1 pair of hydraulic connectors plus 1 free discharge and 30 l / min. minimum of oil from the tractor.
  • Distributor with valve regulation and distributor for mechanical emergency device of the disc
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Red level – switch on/switch off cutting disc
  • Black level – mechanical emergency device for cutting disc
  • Hydraulic cylinder for swing device
  • Floating parallelogramme with higher mechanical adjustment
  • Protezioni antifortunistica a norma CE