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Flail mower MIX REV SX

Product code 10171

Reversible with hydraulic shift to left

Front mounted shredder with double three-point attachment, left offset, ideal for grass and branches with a maximum cutting diameter of Ø 5-7 cm. Designed for tractors with 60-100 Hp.

Double internal blade structure with 2 rows of internal counter knives and straight side flanking.

MIX REV SX is designed to cover larger cutting areas, in combination with a classic rear shredder with right lateral displacement. This combination ensures an ideal cutting coverage, greater compactness, and overall balance on the tractor, facilitating various movements.

Internally balanced rotor with forged hammers (or Y knives), toothed belt transmission, rear roller adjustment with dust cover for protection, and chrome-plated d.50 mm rods for sliding of the third attachment point in category 2-3.

CE-compliant anti-accident protection flaps.