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DHT mower disc

Product code 1U3630045

Hydraulic sensor system for shredder

DHT hydraulic system with sensor, the new solution available on the range of our VIP, STAR and POWER shredders.

Unlike the DHS hydraulic system with controlled effort, the new solution allows, thanks to the hydraulic sensor, to work on plantations of vineyards or orchards (apple orchards, hazelnuts, walnuts, and other) quickly.

The DHT system is composed of an independent hydraulic system fixed on the shredders complete with: oil (50 lt), filter, pump, heat exchanger and electro-hydraulic distributor with box kit to be fixed in the cabin for the management of the various hydraulic functions available.

On the DHT group, it is possible to use two interlocking solutions: grass cutter discs in working diameters of 45 - 60 -  80 - 100 cm and mini shredder with working lengths of 60 - 80 cm.

The supplied kit box allows to control the lateral movement of the shredder, the terminal movement of the working tool independently from the shredder, so as to manage the correct crossing of the two equipment, and the emergency recall with hydraulic return of the tool.

The same sensor system can also be "strained" if the infestant is large enough to be cut.