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Flail mower LIGHT REV

Product code 102512002

Reversible shredder with hydraulic movement

LIGHT/REV is the new inter-row shredder with double three-point coupling, suitable for small power tractors with the possibility of use both in the rear version and in the reversible version, on tractors equipped with reversible guide, ideal for cleaning grass or small prunings of parks or green areas.

The Reversible interlocking mulcher model LIGHT/REV is produced in different lengths: cm 120/130/145/160.

Thanks to its balanced hammer system, it guarantees high rotational speeds of the rotor, obtaining a high cutting quality, reducing vibrations to the maximum.

The entire lateral drive system is equipped with belts. With its particular structure, the reversible shredder LIGHT/REV thanks to the double three-point attachment, allows, thanks to the use of tractors with reversible guide, comfortable and agile processing, the main feature of all our reversible models (e.g. MIX/REV, POWER/REV).

The material with which the mulchers are made, as on the whole Orizzonti range, reflects at best the concept of reliability and robustness able to best compensate for any type of impact or wear damage. As standard, the LIGHT/REV tractor mulcher is hydraulically side-shifting, with quick coupling hoses to the tractor, which allows the machine to be adapted to the working field.

It has a double internal structure with internal knives and a forged hammer rotor.

Reinforced armguards and accident protection according to CE.

MODEL PowerAdjustmentBeltsDimensionWeight
LIGHT REV 120 20hp/15Kw 60 - 60 cm
34 - 86 cm
2 130x85 h 80 cm 270 Kg
LIGHT REV 130 20hp/15Kw 65 - 65 cm
34 - 86 cm
2 140x85 h 80 cm 285 Kg
LIGHT REV 145 30hp/22Kw 72 - 73 cm
35 - 115 cm
3 155x85 h 80 cm  312 Kg
LIGHT REV 160 30hp/22Kw 80 - 80 cm
40 - 120 cm
3 170x85 h 80 cm 339 Kg

LIGHT REV 120 18 48 540
LIGHT REV 130 20 48 540
LIGHT REV 145 22 60 540
LIGHT REV 160 24 60 540