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Inter-row system TSI

Product code 1U3602

Hydraulic inter-row system fix on shredder

Trinciatrice con testata TSI

Trinciatrice con testata TSI

Shredder with TSI system
TSI inter-row group complete with independent electro-hydraulic system
Shredder with TSI and Kit Motor Hoes
TSI group intercept

Hydraulic inter-row group installed at the rear to our STAR and POWER shredders.

It allows simultaneous processing of the row and under row thanks to the several work tools installed. It ensures a remarkable of +/- 20 cm height adjustment of importance in the use of some of the available tools (eg. Speed Green).

The hydraulic system of operation is complete with an oil reservoir (50 lt), heat exchanger, pump, and filter. Hydraulic movements are possible directly from Joystick in 5+on/off engines version.  Operation of the entire system via a connection with a universal joint to the tractor.

TSI inter-row with hydraulic tank and 5+on/off engine joystick.

Intercepts working tools complete list
  • Hydraulic connection with free discharge for motorized tools
  • Hydraulic pumps
  • Inter row system with +-20 cm as higher adjustment
  • Lateral displacement for TSI group head