orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Compact trimming machine Champagne

Knives compact trimmer for small caterpillar tractors

Mini trimmer model CHAMPAGNE, projected for small/compact vineyards, where the standard trimmer cannot works.

Champagne it's useful to adapt in small tractor or mini-trailer with 3 point linkage attachment.

Available with different hydraulic system, joystick/mechanical/direct to the tractor, Champagne mounted a "boomerang" cutting knife with 3 + 1 configuration. It's require 1 pair of hydraulic connection pipes (for distributor configuration) and 25 lt/min with 180 bar max from the tractor.

  • Emergency device of the cutting bar with mechanical springs
  • Knife "boomerang" bars with L shape 3+1 configurated