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Trimming machine CFC2 600

Product code 103242J

Dual fixed knife pruning machine complete with upper topping

Double knives trimmer with fixed column

Double knives trimmer with fixed column

Double knives trimmer with fixed column
Technical details
At work
At work

The dual-bladed CFC2 600 Orizzonti fixed column pruning machine, mounted on the front of the tractor, has 2 vertical dual-bladed mowing bars and 2 upper topping bars.

Complete with an electro-hydraulic distributor with 5 functions for movement of the structure, the CFC2 600 is an ideal machine for the management of large vineyards thanks to its dual mowing bars.

Both the upper topping bars are fitted with an anti-shock system for use of the same that are necessary for the presence of any obstacles, everything also guaranteed by their ability to rotate up to 90°, while the two vertical mowing bars have a gas absorber to deal with impacts to which the machine may be subjected during the work phase.

The stability and the reliability of the CFC2 600 provide excellent work speed in the row. Requires 180 bar with 30 liters oil/min; compatible with tractors of 60 hp/40 kW.

  • Two cushioned dual-bladed vertical bars, useful cut 2.00 m
  • Two cushioned dual-bladed upper top bars, useful cut 1.00 m
  • Hydraulic distributor with 6 functions with speed regulator
  • Five hydraulic movements: 1 lift, 2 bar tilt, 2 hydraulic side extension, 1 upper top tilt 90°
  • Fixed counter plate for quick coupling to the tractor
  • Complete with hydraulic pipes with quick couplings
  • Set-aside tripod