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Trimming machine CMCU/500

Product code 103343L

Self-levelling single trimmer with hydraulic tunnel

Trimmer with mobile column complete with cutting bars with tunnel structure, 2 cushioned vertical bars with 4 knives L. 150 cm and a 2 knive upper topping bar L. 80 cm.

Equipped as standard with a hydraulic distributor with 5 functions (4 + on/off motors) for the following hydraulic movements: side tilt including tunnel self-levelling system; vertical lift; tunnel tilt; hydraulic opening of the tunnel and on/off motors.

From the distributor you can regulate the speed of the cutting knives and the various movements of the trimmer.

Standard parking tripod, requiring 1 pair of hydraulic tractor connectors with 30 lt/min and 180 bar/max of pressure.