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Trimming machine CMC2 600

Product code 10342J

Mobile knife dual pruning machine with top

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Cimatrice doppia a coltelli mobile autolivellante

Cimatrice doppia a coltelli mobile autolivellante

Double mobile autolivellant knives trimmer
Technical details
At work
At work
The CMC2/600 Orizzonti dual knife mobile column pruning machine, mounted on the front of the tractor, is the optimal solution for the management of large plots of vineyard in mainly hilly areas.
It has 2 knife vertical moving bars and 2 knife topping moving bars that enable clean, precise cutting of the plant.

As is evident in all the Orizzonti pruning machines that have an upper topping bar, the CMC2/600 also has in both the horizontal bars an anti shock system of 90° rotation of the same, offering greater safety during the cutting phase in the event of knocking into any obstacles such as cement poles or similar.

Both columns of the supporting structure of the CMC2/600 are fitted with a self-levelling system, characteristic of all the Orizzonti mobile pruning machines which ensures the stability of the vertical position of the mowing bars for the various movements of the machine during the work phase.

The concept of high visibility, which is the main characteristic of the CMC2/600, is largely justified by the mobility of both the supporting columns which allow the operator of the tractor a wide and clear view of every single plant of the row, resulting in precise and accurate cutting of the foliage.

Requires 180 bar with 30 lt. oil/min.
Compatible with tractors of 50 hp/31 kw.
  • Double knives bar with distributor electro hydraulic with joystick and two amortized double knives bar, working cut 1,55 mt.
  • Two amortized double knives topping bars, working cut 0,8 mt.
  • Electro hydraulic distributor with 9 functions and speed regulator
  • Quick linkage to the tractor
  • Fix counterplate to quick linkage to the tractor
  • 8 hydraulic movements: 2 lift, 2 bar swivelling, 2 autolevelling inclination, 2 90° topping blade inclination
  • Equipped with hydraulic piping with quick coupling
  • Support for storing the machine after use