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VEGA single hoer

Product code 103555

Single rear hoer with system independent of the tractor

 Scalzatore posteriore con serbatoio

Scalzatore posteriore con serbatoio

 Rear inter row hoer with tank
  Rear inter row hoer with tank
Vega with Ecology 60
VEGA with Baby Green 60
VEGA with Motor Hoes
VEGA with Summer blade
VEGA with Motor Hoes
Rear inter row machine, requires a PTO shaft for operation. Prepared a complete hydraulic reservoir: oil (70 liters), level meter, filter, 2 pumps gr.3 32 cc + gr.2 17cc; and heat exchanger. Hydraulic working height adjustment via the rear wheels. It has a series with an electro-hydraulic distributor with 5 functions joystick (4+on/off engines) lateral displacement; tilt and emergency recall of working head; rear wheels. Thanks to the support slide under the working head having floating parallelogram, ensures a constant working depth even in the presence of holes in the ground. Parking stands.

The Orizzonti VEGA single rear hoer represents the single-sided solution of the Vega Maxi hoer. Ideal for medium to large-sized vineyards thanks to its tank, with a flow of oil of approximately 45 litres, this allows the machine to become independent from the tractor during its use.
Equipped with an effective floating head, the Vega rear hoer, as the whole range of hoers produced by the company Orizzonti, can accommodate all the various solutions of accessories produced by the same, such as rotating cutters, disc group channellers and fillers, pruning blades, plough and other.
Provided with an efficient electro-hydraulic system, thanks to a joystick, it is possible to perform all the movements necessary to move the machine during working between the rows of vineyards and/or orchards.

The effectiveness of the system is also guaranteed by the presence of two independent hydraulic double pumps (group 2), an electric heat-exchanger for cooling of the oil and a filter necessary to clean the oil of slag and various impurities.
With its transversal movement, the Vega rear hoer allows working in rows with minimum distances of 170 cm, which is made even more efficient by the presence of a levelling slide, fitted under the floating head, which enables adjustment of the working depth, maximum stability during work also in the presence of depressions or settling of the soil.

Intercepts working tools complete list
  • Distributor to adjust the motorized tools speed
  • Oil Cooler
  • Oil and temperature indicator
  • Oil filter
  • Skids with floating parallelogramme
  • Telescopic Wheels-frame
  • Rear wheels with Hydraulic Jack to adjust the depth of work
  • Set-aside feet