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POLARE ventral hoer

Product code 10352

Ventral inter-row hoer

Ventral inter row hoer

Ventral inter row hoer

Ventral inter row hoer
Ventral inter row hoer
POLARE with Motor hoes
POLARE with motorized disc plough
POLARE with Plough
The POLARE ventral hoer completes, with the MITO ventral hoer, the production of the ventral machines made by the company Orizzonti.
What differentiates these two hoers is mainly the working system of the inter-row head for which in the Polare model its effectiveness is ensured by a "parallelogram" system that enables work in support systems of at least 280 cm.

Despite the different work system, also on the Orizzonti Polare ventral hoer, all the accessories made by the same company can be installed such as rotary cutters, pruning blades, disc group channels and with matrices, plough and other. The standard Polare ventral hoer has a 5 function hydraulic system managed entirely by a lever distributor directly installed on the tractor; in addition to the movement of all the movement devices present on the machine, it is possible to manage operation of the motors of the various motorised tools (on/off motors), of extreme importance during the various stages in the movement from support systems etc.

The oil needed for the operation should be provided for these types of machines directly from the tractor, or upon request via a hydraulic power unit to be applied on the rear. The possibility in Polar of having an electro-hydraulic system with 5 functions with joystick becomes necessary when working with tractor cabs, where the housing of a hydraulic lever distributor is no longer permitted (EC legislation). Using the joystick it is possible to rapidly and precisely manage all the movements of the machine and operation of the motors of the various tools.

Requires 180 pressure bar with 30 litres oil/min.

Intercepts working tools complete list
  • Hydraulic inter row head with parallelogramme
  • Hydraulic movements: side extension, lift and inter-row head tilt, manual emergency probe return, on/off motors
  • Cart with wheels removed and set aside
  • no. 2 quick couplings to the tractor