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Product code 103501L

Single rear inter-row hoer compact version

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Rear compact inter row

Rear compact inter row

Rear compact inter row
The ORION COMPACT rear hoer, similar in its geometries to the Mira reversible hoer, differs from the latter with its option of working in support systems with distance between the rows of size of at least 130 cm, thanks to its particular arrangement of inter-row head, in order to satisfy that group of customers that have these particular rows of vineyards and/or orchards. As can be seen in the Mira version, the Orion rear hoer has an excellent standard hydraulic system, defined by a hydraulic distributor with 2 levers, with cables to the tractor for the movement of the inter-row head.

These machines are defined by the multi function tool carrier, thanks to their simplicity and ease of applying different types of equipment produced by Orizzonti, such as rotary cutters, pruning blades, disc group channels and with matrices, plough and other.
The oil needed for its operation should be provided for these types of machines directly from the tractor. The stability of the machine is also guaranteed by its solid and reliable structure, also by the two depth wheels on the back of the hoer, mechanically adjustable by the operator.

Use of the Orion compact rear hoer can be enhanced by the application of an efficient electro-hydraulic system with 4 functions which by means of a joystick allows the movement of the inter-row head and lateral movement of the machine.

Requires 180 pressure bars with a minimum flow of oil of 25 l/min.

Intercepts working tools complete list
  • Hydraulic movements: inter-row head tilt; head probe;
  • Mechanical movements: depth wheel adjustment
  • Side movement: quick couplings to the tractor
  • Set-aside foot