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ENERGY DUAL/T compact Interrow hoer

Product code 1036600J

Front compact double inter-row with three point linkage

Energy Dual/T with motor hoes D.40 cm
Energy Dual/T with Independent hydraulic tank
ENERGY DUAL/T with Motor hoes
ENERGY DUAL/T with Motorized plough disc group
Front double compact inter row machine for planting space with a minimum width of 180 cm. Designed to be mounted on tractors with front lift thanks to the adjustable three-point hitch.
Electro-hydraulic distributor having 5 functions:independent left/right lateral movement; right/left independent tilt of heads and recall of work heads.

Mechanical adjustment of working height by the front wheels, parking stand, requires 1 pair of hydraulic connectors and 30 l/min. minimum of oil from the tractor.

Also available with hydraulic tank for the management of motorized tools.

Intercepts working tools complete list
  • Electro-hydraulic distributor with joystick 5 functions
  • Three point linkage for front tractor’s lift adjustable
  • Martinetto idraulico per sollevatore flottante
  • Electro hydraulic inter row head
  • Front wheels with mechanical higher adjustment
  • Distributor to adjust the motorized tools speed