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MITO compact ventral hoer

Product code 10352

Inter-row hoer

Ventral compact inter row

Ventral compact inter row

Ventral compact inter row
Ventral compact inter row
MITO with motorized disc plough
The Orizzonti MITO ventral hoer model surely represents the type of machine for inter-row working of the soil which ensures, thanks to its special accommodation on the tractor, excellent visibility of work, together with a more focused and precise cleaning under the plant with respect to any other hoer.

All this is enabled by the simple and effective system of mounting of the MITO hoer which, installed on the underside of the tractor, thanks to a quick-release coupling system, ensure robustness and reliability during work on any type of land.
The MITO ventral hoer is distinguished by its compact but at the same time solid and robust structure, which enables the inter-row working of vineyards and/or orchards of at least 250 cm.

Like all the Orizzonti inter-row machines, the MITO ventral hoer allows the mounting of all the accessories for working of the soil such as disc group channeller and filler, rotary cutters, cutter blades, plough and other. The system for operation of the standard MITO is hydraulic with 5 functions with respective lever distributor to be installed on the tractor, with the peculiarity of also being able to manage operation of the motors (on/off motors) of the various accessories applied to the machine. The oil needed for the operation should be provided for these types of machines directly from the tractor or upon request via a hydraulic power unit to be applied on the rear.

Upon request it is possible to install on the same machine an efficient electro-hydraulic system with 5 functions (including again ON/OFF motors) which, thanks to a simple joystick, is able to manage all the different movements that the machine has. The choice of the electro-hydraulic system, as is the case for almost all the Orizzonti produced machines, is mandatory (in accordance with EC standards when working with tractor cabs, where the lever hydraulic distributor can no longer be housed. Requires 180 pressure bar with 30 litres oil/min.

Intercepts working tools complete list
  • Hydraulic inter row head
  • Hydraulic movements: side extension, lift and inter-row head tilt, manual emergency return probe, on/off motors
  • Cart with wheels to remove and set aside
  • no. 2 quick couplings to the tractor