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Tool holder SIRIO 1

Product code 10410

Front multi frame tools

Front frame with mechanical adjustament

Front frame with mechanical adjustament

Front frame with mechanical adjustament
Technical details
 SIRIO 1 with Pruning rake kit for orchard
Front tool carrier framework set with quick connection or on the tractor’s front lift allows the attachment of working tools (see table). A hydraulic or electro-hydraulic management through specific distributors or joystick
For its operation requires 30 l/min. and 1 pair of hydraulic connectors from the tractor in the version with hydraulic or electro-hydraulic distributor. Also available with hoses with quick connection to the tractor.
The SIRIO 1 single pruning rake, positioned at the front of the tractor ensures, thanks to its simple structure, a variety of machining operations, such as gathering the vineyard and orchard shoots after pruning, inter-row mechanical weeding, shoot removal from the vine stem.

The SIRIO 1 with pruning rake is a standard arrangement with the pruning rake vineyard head, whose pvc brushes coming into contact with the ground ensure movement of the shoots in the middle of the row of work without ignoring any. Movement of the basic machine is entirely mechanical, adjustable by means of suitable locking systems located on its structure. The work distances that can be achieved are rows of size between 110 and 180 cm from the tractor centre. For orchards a lower orchard pruning rake head was also made with spherical support on the ground which also enables self-levelling during the work phase on more uneven ground.

The SIRIO 1 can be equipped with weeding bell of 25 cm (upon request bells of 50 cm can be installed) complete with dual nozzles for delivery of the product and anti-drift brushes allowing localised weeding. Also in this mode the machine as standard is equipped with movements of the entire structure that are entirely mechanical. Again on the SIRIO 1 it is possible to apply the Shoot remover head, equipped with special belts for the cleaning of shoots from the plant.
The shoot remover can be installed with Teflon belts or pvc wires without inner core.

Suitable for tractors with a min flow rate of oil of 20 litres/min and a pressure of 160 bar.
  • Vertical lift right arm jack
  • Device to fix the arm with screw
  • Vertical lifting jack
  • Lateral side jack for right arm