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Weeding bar ARIETE 1

Product code 1042

Single weeder bar machine

Front single weeding bar

Front single weeding bar

Front single weeding bar
Technical details
Weeding unilateral bar installed in front of the tractor through rapid clamping or on front lift. Provided with two bells of 25 cm, 50 cm or 65 with dual adjustable anti drip nozzles, all with anti-drift bristles for the protection of the product from atmospheric agents or other. The changes in height and lateral opening is by means of special mechanical locking systems, hydraulic request handled through pipes with rapid connections or hydraulic or electro-hydraulic distributors.
The control of the flow of product from the bell can be controlled on demand using a kit box with two solenoid valves mounted on the machine itself.

The ARIETE1 weeding bar has a set of standard mechanical movements that are made stable due to simple locking systems located directly on the structure; upon request it can be equipped with hydraulic jacks for the lift movement of the structure and the respective lateral extensions of the two bells, through connections to quick couplings or special hydraulic distributors.
  • Anti drop nozzles
  • Chemical belts L.25 cm with anti drift
  • Emergency device with spring
  • Quick connections for tube of water
  • Hydraulic jack for lateral desplacement with quick connections
  • Set-aside foot