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Rotor rakes AQUILA 2

Double pruning rake for orchard

On evidence

Double pruning rake attached to the front of the tractor complete with two hydraulic shoot collecting bell tractor a for maintenance and cleaning of the vineyards and orchards inter row. Thanks to PVC elements that make up the pruning rake with a diameter of 6 mm, guarantee a precise and thorough cleaning of the plant allowing to gather under the shoots to the center of the row only to be shredded or easily collected.
The reduced height of the working bells allows the use EAGLE 2 even in the presence of pendant along the crop fruit without the risk of damage.

The AQUILA 2 double pruning rake produced by the company Orizzonti, positioned at the front of the tractor, provides an ideal solution for working under vine plants and especially orchards.
Fitted with two arms for movement of the pruning rake heads, the machine is identified by its maximum strength, stability, and reliability during work.
The entire movement of the machine is provided as standard by means of an efficient electro-hydraulic system with 5 functions with joystick control to speed up and make more efficient movement operations.
The pruning rake heads as standard in AQUILA 2 have a particular structure thanks to a convex shape in the lower part of the same allowing the head to oscillate during work and thus compensating for the discontinuities on the ground. The good strength and heaviness of the bell also enables excellent cleaning for large shoots.

Available in hydraulic or electro version with joystick requiring 1 pair of hydraulic connectors from the tractor with 25 l/min of oil.
  • Telescopic hydraulic jacks
  • Jacks for vertical lifting arm
  • Pruning rake kit with mechanical adjustment
  • Rubber collecting rakes
  • Jacks for lateral side arm