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Shoot-removing head kit for hoers

Shoot-removing head kit L=30 cm | 60 cm

 Shoot removing head

Shoot removing head

Shoot removing head L. 30 CM
 Shoot removing head
Double shoot remover head adapt on FAST
The Shoot-remover is available in two lengths, 30 and 60 cm.

Composed of a 70 cm steel bar with 13 whips in sturdy plastic material for the 60 version, while the compact has a 30 cm bar and 8 whips.

The rotation of the tree at the appropriate speed makes the whips extremely effective in the vine-growing and orchard rows.

The Shoot-remover is a complete attachment head for all our inter-row machines and for the inter-row frames indicated in the catalog compatible with this shoot removing equipment.

For all single inter-row models

1U35513 shoot-remover R 30 cm
1U35510 shoot-remover R 60 cm

For all double inter-row models

1U35516 shoot-remover L 30 cm
1U35515 shoot-remover L 60 cm