orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Frame tools, pruning rakes, weedings bars

Orizzonti Range for Vineyards and Orchards

Orizzonti Range for Vineyards and Orchards

The Orizzonti range offers additional solutions for the mechanization of vineyards and orchards, such as the tool carriers models MULTY, SIRIO, and GREEN TECH, the vine shoot collectors model AQUILA, and the weeding bars model ARIETE.

This section is mainly represented by tool carrier machines, which differ from inter-row cultivators as they do not use hydraulic systems with sensors for the operation of the working tools, but rather a mechanical version aiming to simplify and minimize the management costs of one's vineyard or orchard. Always available in rear, front, single, or double versions, they can also install various working tools depending on the conditions of the planting layout.

The AQUILA range, in single or double version, allows for the cleaning of winter pruning shoots under the plant thanks to its working head with PVC wires and a lowered structure so as not to cause any damage to the plantations. The movement is purely hydraulic through lever distributors or joystick devices to be applied to the tractor.

The hydraulic vine shoot collectors arrange the pruning material of vines or orchards in the center of the rows to better facilitate shredding and collection. Equipped with high-quality oil-bath gearboxes. After passing with the hydraulic vine shoot collector, the use of an Orizzonti vine shoot shredder is suggested.