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Pruning machine PRO CUT T1000

Product code 103355J

Professional double blades trimmer with autolivelling mobile column and double tunnel

PRO CUT T1000, with a strongness and reliable structure instead of the standard CM or CF models, it's projected for the professional user.

It's "V" shape of the frame and the auto-leveling system of the tunnels guarantee "high visibility" to the driver with; PRO CUT T1000 gives the possibility to cut 2 rows of vineyards simultaneously thanks of the 2 tunnels double blade (section) with 2 mt + 1 mt of bar, electro-hydraulic distributor with Joystick with 11 functions (10+1).

It requires 1 pair of hydraulic connection pipes and 45-50 lt/min with 180 bar max to the tractor.

  • Mowing bar shockproof system with gas spring
  • Tunnel with Double blade cutting system with vertical blades L.200 cm + horizontal L.100 cm
  • Auto-levelling system