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Pruning machine PRO CUT C300

Product code 103375J

Professional knife pruning machine with self-leveling mobile column

The PRO CUT line also comprises two simpler versions, the C300, and T300 versions.

Distinguished by the same solid and robust structure as the previous versions, PRO CUT C300 has an L-shaped cutting system with rotating knives, in the configuration of the standard 4 + 2 knives. Possibility to add further cutting terminals to complete the machine.

Self-leveling system for the control of the standard cutting bars, 5-function electro-hydraulic distributor (4 + 1) with a joystick, requires 1 pair of hydraulic oil outlets from the tractor and 30-35 lt / min of oil and 180 bar max of pressure.

  • Boomerang shaped knives Ø 41 cm. - 2500 rpm
  • L-shaped knife bars configuration 4+2
  • Shockproof cutter bar system with gas spring
  • Self-leveling system