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Multifunction frame PMD VARIO

Product code 104605J

Multi utility frame with quick connection and mobile column


 Multifunction frame with mobile column
Multifunction frame with mobile column

New frame front tool holder mod. PMD VARIO, characterized by the new mobile column self-levelling, true strength compared to the current already present model with fixed central column mod. PFD VARIO.

The new model PMD VARIO was born from the need to propose a multifunctional machine also for those customers who have a sixth of plant with minimum widths even below 2 meters.

Made up of a robust support column, PMD VARIO presents a new quick coupling system for the interchangeability of the various work heads, fast and safe, all guaranteed by a solid coupling and a fixed clamping between the frame and the working head. 

PMD VARIO arranges the following work equipment: pre-pruner with discs; single and double-bladed trimmers in tunnel version, single-sided and tunnel knives trimmer, and tunnel shoot removing heads.

Composed of an electro-hydraulic distributor placed in the lower part of the machine to ensure a wider and maximum visibility to the operator, all the hydraulic functions of the PMD VARIO are manageable and controllable by a 6-function joystick.

Thanks to the self-levelling system, which can be found on all our range of topping machines from vineyard to mobile column, PMD VARIO allows you to move to the plant side the whole working castle, ensuring maximum visibility to the operator, providing greater safety and precision of intervention during processing.

Our tools holder frame mod. PMD VARIO, requires 1 double effect distributor from the tractor with a hydraulic flow of at least 30/40 lt/min. for the correct operation of all the working heads.

Available an independent oil tank complete with oil, radiator and pump, to be placed on the rear lift of the tractor.