orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Pre pruner CPF 60

Product code 104401L

Pre pruner machine with extracting device and hydraulic dry bar

Pre pruner machine with single blade mowing bar pruning system L. 70 cm. complete with probe and motorised extracting device with mechanical return fitted in front of the cutting bar. Equipped as standard with a 4 motion (3 + on/off motors) hydraulic distributor for the following movements: vertical lift; side extension; pruning kit tilt and on/off motors. From the distributor you can adjust the speed of the horizontal cutting bar. Standard parking tripod, requiring a pair of hydraulic tractor connectors with 30 lt/min and 180 bar/max. of pressure. Ideal for all planting layouts of cordon vineyards.

The CPF 60 Orizzonti pre-pruner is a pruner for vineyards and orchards with fixed arm mounted to the front of the tractor equipped with motorised steel press branches barrel rod (PATENTED) and dry mowing bar.

Requires 130 Bar and 22 litres of oil per minute. For tractors of 50 HP/34 Kw.
  • Patented motorised press branches barrel rod
  • Dry bar with mechanical probe useful cut 60 cm
  • Hydraulic distributor 4 functions with speed regulator
  • Counter plate fixed to the tractor
  • Three hydraulic movements: lift, mechanical and hydraulic side extension
  • Complete with hydraulic pipes with quick couplings
  • Set-aside tripod