orizzonti macchine agricole per vigneti

Mechanical rotor

Mechanical rotor not motorized Ø 37-54-70-100 cm

 Mechanical rotor 37 | 54 | 70 cm - HARD

Mechanical rotor 37 | 54 | 70 cm - HARD

 Mechanical rotor 37 | 54 | 70 cm - HARD
Mechanical rotor | 100 cm - MEDIUM
Mechanical rotor | 100 cm - SOFT
KULT Full range

The new mechanical rotor KULT is a new concept of mechanical inter-row equipment, therefore without any hydraulic sensor for inter-row machining.

Ideal for fight the growth of weeds, ensuring precise and effective tillage quality without the use of chemicals.

Its particular star shape is the real strong point of the rotor, with a working diameter ranging from 37 to 100 cm, it penetrates into the soil below the plant and thanks to the iron teeth arranged under it it allows to perform soil tillage.

It should be noted that since it is a non-motorized accessory, its use must be aimed at rough terrain or on young plant areas.

For all single inter-row models

1U35498 KULT rotor R Ø 37 cm.
1U35500 KULT rotor R Ø 54 cm.
1U35506 KULT rotor R Ø 70 cm.
1U35508 KULT rotor R Ø 100 cm.

For all double inter-row models

1U35499 KULT rotor L Ø 37 cm.
1U35505 KULT rotor L Ø 54 cm.
1U35507 KULT rotor L Ø 70 cm.
1U35509 KULT rotor L Ø 1000 cm.