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The topping period begins

19 May 2020

Trimming is an operation that has the purpose of containing the size of the shoots and the development of the crown.

Through the cutting of the branches, it allows to limit the excessive growth of the vegetation and favor the formation of new leaves, useful for the bunches. This will allow the development of new shoots that will contribute to an increase in the fruiting and ripening of the bunches.

The young vegetation, in fact, enjoys greater efficiency in the absorption of nutrients, supporting the less young in the process, until gradually replacing it.

Trimming is an indispensable process, especially in medium / large vineyards, an operation usually scheduled in early May with the deadline set by the end of July.

We have a wide range of trimmers, double blade or knives, single or double, column fixed or mobile, with topping or tunnel, for every demand and machining.

Visit the trimming section of our website, we are at your disposal to recommend the best solution for you and for your cultivation.

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trimmer CMT300

trimmer CMT300

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trimmer CMT300