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Disc pre-pruning PFD

Product code 104500J

Electro-hydraulic disk pre pruner machine

The Orizzonti PFD disc pre-pruner is the ideal machine due to the speed of dry pre-pruning on espalier, cordon, Guyot and Casarsa vineyards.

Pre pruner machine complete with 8+8 discs in hardox and electro-hydraulic distributor with 5 function (4 + on/off motors) Joystick: vertical lift; side extension, tilt, manual opening of the disk castle, disc adjustment speed and on/off motors directly from the Joystick. The plant is equipped with a pressure accumulator to control the closing force of the discs during processing. Standard parking tripod. 

Requires 150 Bar and 22 litres of oil per minute.
For tractors of 60 HP/40 Kw. By adding the head tilt rollover Kit, it is possible to change the orientation and position of pruning.
  • Electro-hydraulic distributor 4+1 functions
  • Opening and closing of the group with nitrogen accumulator
  • Rapid system for positioning of the discs
  • 8+8 cutting and temperate discs ø40 cm
  • OPTIONAL - 2 PVC pole protector discs idle rotation ø50 cm
  • 4 hydraulic movements, tilt lift, lateral translation, opening and closing disc group
  • PVC disc group cover protection
  • Quick coupling to the tractor
  • Counter plate fixed to the tractor for quick coupling
  • Set-aside tripod